Friday, April 3, 2015

systems justice and multispecies attentions


<<<SECTION III: affect and materiality: systems justice

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Thursday 9 April – Anker, Povinelli, Kirksey 
Thursday 16 April – Kirksey 
[Friday 17 April: LGBT SYMP events: Fawas & Smalls; Rodríguez] 
[Tuesday 20 April, Wednesday 22, Friday 24: Gessen events on campus]
Thursday 23 April – Gessen <GESSEN AT CLASS SPECIAL EVENT @ Marie Mount 1310B
Thursday 30 April – Kirksey, Povinelli  

Thursday 7 May – LAST DAY! poster sessions 

I added Kirksey to 9 April, shifting that and 30 April readings for our discussions: this can be reflected in your readings according to Director of Readings, or as you want and need! It reflects my own sense of where we are going in the class now after our paper sessions....

And we talked about Open Peer Review a bit in class. Here is an argument for double blind peer review, for your thinking, and to add to our transcontextual tangling!

From the journal Nature Climate Change:


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